A Unique Biosensor

The technology behind vantix® DIAGNOSTICS is a unique biosensor that measures potential instead of a color change to indicate the presence and quantity of a toxin, drug, contaminant, protein or nucleic acid, in biological samples such as blood, urine or saliva, or in other complex samples such as milk, river water or homogenized grain. The electrochemistry biosensor measures a change in potential related to the presence and concentration of the receptor-target complex.

The vantix® DIAGNOSTICS sensor comprises specific bioreceptors immobilized on a polypyrrole-coated carbon working electrode and a reference electrode on a plastic support.

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Benefits of vantix® DIAGNOSTICS technology

  • Robust and reliable.
  • Short incubation times (typically <10)
  • Easy to use and simple format.
  • Rapid assay optimisation processes.
  • Uses small sample and reagent volumes.
  • Quantitative measurements in complex sample matrices (e.g. blood, serum, urine) with high sensitivity and at a low cost.
  • Little or no sample preparation.
  • Accurate and reproducible.
  • Long term stability.

An Ultrasensitive and Stable Potentiometric Immunosensor

The vantix® point of care system is in development and currently not available for sale.