vantix® Research Tools

vantix® Research Tool (VR2)

The vantix® DIAGNOSTICS Research Tool (VR2) is an open access 12 channel device that is applicable to many assay formats.  The device is for research purposes only and consists of:

  • 12 sensor combs for developing multiplexed assays
  • Easy to use reader with control software
  • USB connection
  • Battery or USB powered
  • Portability – in the lab or in the field

Assay Integration

The core technology behind the vantix® DIAGNOSTICS platform works with existing assays. The assay development process has been subtly refined and many of the stages previously performed are now no longer necessary. A consultation is helpful to ensure successful technology transfer to your own in-house team. And if you need help understanding how to develop your own assays using vantix® DIAGNOSTICS  biosensors, just ask.


VR2 Sales Flyer

VR2 Example Applications and Performance

Clinical Trial Monitoring