Point of Care Systems

vantix® Point of Care System

Point of Care (POC) testing is defined as performing any medical test at or near the location of patient care – in other words, during the office visit or at a field location. Studies show that the use of POC tests results in a reduction in morbidity and mortality and saves billions of healthcare dollars each year. Market data from ESPICOM November 2009 Market Research Report; Titled: POC Diagnostics: players, products & future market prospects.

The vantix® DIAGNOSTICS point of care (POC) system delivers diagnostic information to the physician in real time when the information is most efficiently used for better patient care and health.

The vantix® system provides:

  • Gold standard performance
    • High quality test results are equivalent to those achieved using verified reference laboratory clinical analyzers
  • Extensive test menu
    • General chemistry
    • Immunochemistry
    • Hematology
  • Complete solution
    • Sample collection through claims processing
  • Simple operation
    • No specialized operator required (US CLIA waivable)
  • Competitive pricing


Point of Care System Flyer

The vantix® point of care system is in development and currently not available for sale.