vantix® DIAGNOSTICS has key industry expertise in place to  guide research, product development, sales and marketing, operations, finance and the overall direction of the company.

Steve Lufkin, CEO

Steve most recently assisted in the turnaround of Ivax Diagnostics (AMEX IVD), He currently sets the strategic direction and is responsible for all aspects of vantix® DIAGNOSTICS business, related joint ventures, acquisitions, shareholder relations and technology partnerships. Steve’s previous senior management roles include CEO of DxTech LLC where he led the company from concept to sale to Laurus Valance a US hedge fund.

Duncan Purvis, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Duncan is one of the inventors and lead developers of the vantix® biosensor.  Duncan has over 20 years of practical experience in a wide range of biological disciplines particularly at the interface between biology, physics and engineering and has been the CSO at vantix® since 2003.  Prior to vantix®, Duncan was a senior technology consultant at Scientific Generics now Sagentia, where he was central to a number of research and development projects performed on behalf of clients.  Duncan was a research assistant for Dr. Chris Lowe, Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge University where he gained his Ph.D.

Richard Wardle, Founder and Director

Richard Wardle is the Founder of vantix® DIAGNOSTICS. Starting back in 1996 Richard led a team that identified and evaluated innovations from Russia. After identifying the biosensor opportunity he built a team around it to initiate the development process. Richard has been the driving force behind vantix® DIAGNOSTICS from its inception to the present time. Richard has been the Managing Director of a number of technology companies initially specializing in Eastern European technologies. Earlier in his career Richard was the Managing Director of a Construction/Engineering company specializing in contract construction of service stations on behalf of Shell U.K., major sports complexes and large scale residential developments while providing employment for up to 200 people. Prior to that he was the Managing Director of Aqua-Salve a dredging company specializing in ship recovery.

The vantix® point of care system is in development and currently not available for sale.