home-imageWelcome to vantix® DIAGNOSTICS

vantix® DIAGNOSTICS INC. a privately held US company is focused on meeting the growing need for point of care diagnostics by providing physicians with a complete diagnostic solution from sample collection through medical records integration. This patented revolutionary technology will provide lab quality results to physicians in real time resulting in enhanced physician/patient interactions, increased healthcare efficiencies, and improved patient outcomes. vantix® DIAGNOSTICS is well-positioned to commercialize our technology for human point of care diagnostics as well as, biomarker development, environmental monitoring, food safety and veterinary diagnostics.

The patent-protected technology leverages breakthrough technologies and innovative business models moving healthcare forward.  Research and development is grounded in a true understanding of the unmet needs of healthcare professionals and patients.  The vantix® DIAGNOSTICS Point of Care System is proven to deliver accurate, effective and reliable results – all of which lead to improved healthcare delivery and results.